Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rilakkuma Christmas 2014 Plushies!

photo credits: San-X

 The annual release of the Christmas theme Rilakkuma and friends! It seems that this year, its all about the knits! Look at how beautiful their knitted hats and capes look like! 

Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma are "given" boots to wear and I love the pure white fluffy scarf on Korilakkuma! It makes her look so dainty and cute. 

I would love to see how the tag looks like on them too. They are set to release on 1 November 2014 in Japan. 

Dimensions: 210×155×80mm

From the looks of it, it seems that the clothes on the plushies are unremovable. But look at the rest of the details! The Christmas wreath is made into bear head shape! How nice would it be to make one such wreath your own and add mini Rilakkuma plushies on it! I bet it will look so pretty. If anyone manage to do this, please take a photo and share it with us. 

Pre-order here: Rilakkuma Shop

Dimensions: 220×155×80mm

The Christmas cherries are also attached onto the hats of Rilakkuma and friends. How would you like Korilakkuma to come to your house to give you a present? She'll make the perfect Santa helper! 

Pre-order here: Rilakkuma Shop

Dimensions: 155×170×120mm

Recently, our love for Kiiroitori has increased! That's why you'll see more of him in our store from now on. Due to his tiny feet, he wasn't given any boots but that does not make him less cute. He made himself a new friend with a female Snowy! It is funny how the both of them seems to have the same expression.

Pre-order here: Rilakkuma Shop

photo credits: San-X

Hanging plushies are the best Christmas tree decorations! All you'll need to do is to hang them! You can start collecting them now and add new ones each year. 

You can also get them to hang on your work bag or school bag to start looking forward to Christmas. 

Dimensions: 150×70×45mm

Pre-order here: Rilakkuma Shop

Dimensions: 145×75×45mm

Pre-order here: Rilakkuma Shop

Dimensions: 120×75×55mm

We've ordered one set of each plushies and hanging plushies for ourselves so we can start decorating our place when Christmas comes! 

Pre-order here: Rilakkuma Shop

Dimensions: 370 (Width) ×200 (Depth)×160 (Height) mm

This has got to be one of the top ten Christmas tree this year! It is filled with Rilakkuma and friends goodness! Look at Kiiroitori as the star! And if only, this is a real cake, it will be so nice on the cake display stand. 

Hat Dimensions: 430×290 diameter (For head ~580mm)
Mask Dimensions: 110×75mm

Rilakkuma Christmas hats and masks! In many countries, Christmas happens during the winter season, so you might need to wear masks to protect your nose and mouth from dehydrating. Now, we can make everything better by wearing Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma masks!  Carolling will be more fun if wear your favourite Rilakkuma. 

The ears are not removable but they make such a cute appearance. If you already own the ears, just get a cheap Christmas hat from DAISO or anywhere and cut two tiny holes to fit the clips in and clip them on. 

The hat and masks are sold as a set and not separately. 

Pre-order here: Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma 

Can't wait for Christmas to come so we can play with all these toys! 


Earlier on, we've blogged about the Rilakkuma Advent Calendar as well, take a look! 

These pre-orders will be closing on 31 October 2014 or while stocks last. There will not be a back order for them after the pre-order closes. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rilakkuma Cat series x Loft Collaboration

Petit のんびりネコシリーズ x Loft 

photo: San-X

Dimensions: 170 x 140 x 50mm

Rilakkuma is dressed as a cat, so like a cat, he likes fish. But since he is not a real cat, he loves the sweet taiyaki that is shaped like a fish! Look at how happy he is with his food. Don't we all feel the same way when we are having our favourite food?

photo: San-X

Dimensions: 110 x 140 x 110mm 

Korilakkuma the cat is sleeping on her pink cushion. The grey and pink colors really complement each other very well and it gives off a very comfortable feeling. Since this is a flat cushion, you can leave it on your table top and relax with Korilakkuma. Looking at them really gives off a healing effect, all the stress seems to go away just by looking at their happy, relaxed faces. 

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Rilakkuma Sendai Store 2nd Anniversary Plushies


To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of Sendai Rilakkuma Store, San-X designed a series of Rilakkuma and friends wearing winter clothes with Sendai's specialities; Zunda mochi (ずんだ) and Sasakama (笹かま). 

*** *** ***

What is Zunda mochi? 


Zunda Mochi is one of the local traditional wagashi, or Japanese cake, of Miyagi Prefecture. It is sweet mochi covered with soybean paste. Zunda paste is made from green soybeans which was mashed. It tastes fresh green soybeans and faintly sweet. 

*** *** ***

What is Sasakama? 


Kamaboko (steamed fish paste) is made by grinding up the white meat of fish, kneading it with salt, mirin (sweet cooking rice wine), sugar and starch and then steaming or roasting. 
Sasakamaboko, however, is named after its bamboo (sasa) leaf shape, and the marks left from toasting. A specialty of Miyagi, it is a popular gift or souvenir. The most famous sasakamaboko is from Sendai, where rows of shops have prepared their home-made style for years. It is also produced in Shiogama, Ishinomaki, Kesennuma, Watari and Onagawa. Some say that it originates from minced fish made into paste by hand and grilled in order to preserve the seasonal catch of flounder.

Rilakkuma holding to a sasakama. 

Korilakkuma holding onto a Zunda mochi.

Kiiroitori holding a Zunda mochi.

Dimensions of these plushies are estimated to be like those of Umeda's which will be SS plush sizes. These plushies are set to be released in Japan on 1 Nov 2014. 

Rilakkuma Shop is now having a pre-order session for these plushies at Closing date for these plushies is 30 Oct 2014, 2359 hrs. 

Feel free to contact us at for any enquiries! 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Rilakkuma Nabe Pot 2014

Another new limited edition plush set from San-X

credits: San-X

Rilakkuma Nabe Plushie Set

Dimensions: approx 130 x 230 x 190mm

They look so cute soaking in the pot together but it is so sad to "cook" them! The set consists of the usual nabe set ingredients; carrots, tofu, mushroom, prawns and veggies! 

credits: San-X

The whole gift set contains:
1. Rilakkuma carrying a stalk of leek plush
2. Korilakkuma in squid(?) suit
3. Kiiroitori with mushroom hat
4. Ebi prawn
5. Shitake mushroom
6. Tofu with Rilakkuma print
7. Rilakkuma head shaped carrot, flower shaped carrot
8. Shirataki noodles
9. Rilakkuma head shaped cabbage
10. Cabbage 

This has got to be the most elaborate plushie set from San-X till date! The various items in the set really make the whole image look so cute. This will make a nice surprise gift for your love ones or friends.

This plush set is set to be released in Nov 2014. We will try to bring in this item to spread more happy Rilakkuma love! 

Pre-orders are now open! 
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Limited Edition Rilakkuma Cat Plush items

 Rilakkuma Cat "Trembling" Plushies

Other than the previous cat series items, San-X also released a few limited edition items with it.

Dimensions: approx 140×90×70mm

The cat and mouse toy can be pulled away from Rilakkuma and it will get pulled back to him. The cat paw prints on Rilakkuma's tummy are super cute too! Rilakkuma look so poor thing with the mouse "biting" his cat ears :(

Dimensions: approx 120×90×70mm

Korilakkuma does not have an additional toy like Rilakkuma or Kiiroitori. It seems that Korilakkuma is playing with the cat at a distance. The colors of Korilakkuma's suits also look perfect on her! 

Dimensions: 80×90×70mm

Similar to Rilakkuma, Kiiroitori has a cat toy that can move away and come back to him. The cat seems to be hiding at Kiiroitori's back. 
Another different point in this series is the cat silhouette pink tag! 

They will be sold at all Rilakkuma Stores in Japan from 4th Oct 2014 onwards. Meanwhile, we will try to get some on our paws for you guys too!

Please keep a look out on our Facebook or web store for more details! 


Look at how cute they are in real life! 

Pre-order is now open at! Whilst stocks last!