Thursday, November 2, 2017

Rilakkuma Shop Pre-Orders Tracking Page

**Updated on 07 March 2018**


This list serves to update customers with regards to their orders. We hope this page will help to track your order statuses as the system's status might not be clear enough. Should you have any questions, do drop us an email at

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*Terms and conditions of Rilakkuma Shop pre-orders on*

  1. Items will reach Singapore within 2-6 months after their release month in Japan. For example, if the item is set to be released on March 2018, the item might reach us any time from April to September 2018.
  2. In the event when items are OUT OF STOCK and/or  if the items do not reach us within 6 months, we will be refunding you the full paid amount.
  3. Pre-order sales cannot be cancelled after each successful transaction. The item will be shipped to you immediately once it reaches Rilakkuma Shop. If you purchase any pre-order item together with existing stocks, the package will be delivered in a combined package. In another words, the items will be shipped out when all items are ready in the store. If you’d like to receive the existing items first, please make 2 separate orders. Should there be any excess shipping fee paid, we will be refunding the excess after mail.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Notice on Shipment Delay

Dear Fans and Friends, 

Please be informed that our October 2017 shipment has been delayed to November 2017.

We will update you on your order status as soon as we receive the arrival list from San-X.

To compensate for the delay, we will offer a refund option for April 2017 pre-orders due in October 2017.

We will be checking the arrival list given by San-X and proceed to refund orders that cannot be fulfilled within a 6 month time frame. 

However, if the April released items are to be shipped from Japan and arrive next month, we will continue to pack and mail out the items as usual in November 2017.

Kindly drop us an email at if you have any questions or would like to cancel your order and obtain a refund before the goods arrive. 

(Note: All pre-orders may take between 2-6 months for arrival)

Thank you for your understanding and patience, we greatly apologize for the inconvenience caused.

We are working to get the goods as soon as possible.


Rilakkuma Shop

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rilakkuma Garland Party Plushies

In the month of June 2015, San-X is releasing a series of Rilakkuma & friends with garlands and party hats! It looks like they are ready for some fun filled party!  

credits: San-X

Dimensions: unknown at the moment

Look at how detailed the garlands and party hats are! 
Also, it seems that that the material/texture looks like a little bit different from the usual classic plushies. 

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** 

To place an order, click on the names below

credits: San-X

Dimensions: unknown at the moment

These hanging/dangling mini plushies charms are meant for decorating mobile phones by inserting it into the 3.5mm audio jack. But if you want to use them in other areas, you can also unhook the clasps and hang them on your bags/pouches. I guess you can hang them in random corners of your working desktop area to brighten your workday! 

The colors of the hats and garlands are slightly different from the bigger plushies. 

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** 

To place an order, click on the names below

credits: San-X

Dimensions: unknown at the moment

Another item to look out for is this cosmetic pouch! It's really spacious and good for packing your cosmetics and other beauty products. This shade of pastel pink with the garlands make it irresistible. We love it so much that we are keeping one for ourselves to replace our well used and worn out Sentimental Circus cosmetic pouch. 


If you are interested in placing an order for these items, click on the link below now! Pre-order deadline is on 30 May 2015, 2359hrs or when all the slots are filled. It is unlikely that we will be restocking these gorgeous items as they are limited edition plushies :) 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rilakkuma x Loft 2015 Summer Collaborations

Picture credits: San-X

Summer is coming and a series of Rilakkuma Summer theme Plushies are rolling out. 

Korilakkuma seems to be missing out from all the Summer action for now but here is the new Rilakkuma x Loft Collaboration Scene Set. 

屋台 Yatai refers to small, mobile food stalls that you often see in Japan's streets and during Japan's Matsuri (festivals). Here we have Rilakkuma selling both hot and cold food. 

One side of the scene set, Rilakkuma is selling たこ焼きTakoyaki (direct translation: octopus balls), balls made of flour and filled with octopus fillings. And the other side of the plush, Rilakkuma is selling かき氷Kakigori which is flavored shaved ice desserts. 

Kiiroitori is the customer for both food stalls which made it extra cute! 

Picture credits: San-X

Rilakkuma can be removed from the scene set and he is wearing some super cute yukata! Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori silhouettes are printed on the yukata. The Takoyaki and Kakigori can be removed and placed on his paws accordingly. 

If you have previously purchase the Fukuoka anniversary series, You can add them to this scene set and recreate the Matsuri scene in Japan! And if you are interested in getting the Fukuoka series to add into your collection, click on the links below to check them out 


Other 2015 Summer Series:

Fukuoka Anniversary Plush:

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rilakkuma Summer Vacation Scene Set

credits: San-X
Translation: umi de hiyake? (Sunburnt at the beach?)

Dimensions for the set: 230 x 120 x 100mm 

Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori are buried under the sand while relaxing at the beach and now they are sun burnt! 

Is this one of Korilakkuma's pranks? 

credits: San-X

A photo of the actual item! Look at how kawaii this summer vacation theme is. 

credits: San-X

Rilakkuma is more tanned than usual! How cute is this idea? San-X even added a small crab on Rilakkuma. It seems that this sun-burnt Rilakkuma is slightly smaller than Rilakkuma S size plush. 

credits: San-X

Is that a seashell on Kiiroitori's head? Kiiroitori got his face burnt and it looks like he got mask on. 

It is a pity that Korilakkuma is not part of the scene set. I would love to see Korilakkuma giggling at the side of the set. 

*** *** ***

If you are interested in making a purchase for this set, Rilakkuma Shop is now having the pre-order for this along with other plushies. Click on the link below to place an order today! We will not be restocking this item after this pre-order.