Saturday, July 24, 2010

10 Things You Should Know About Rilakkuma Shop

We see many common questions on our facebook page like:
- Do you have a retail shop?
- Do you sell Rilakkuma?

Hence, we thought we should take the chance to introduce ourselves to Rilakkuma lovers who likes our Facebook Page ( I <3 Rilakkuma ). 

10 things you should know about us (Rilakkuma Shop):

1) Rilakkuma shop is an online blog shop based in Singapore
We are an online blog shop, and we do not own any retail shop in Singapore... yet. We hope that people will remember this for now: 

Rilakkuma Singapore + Online = Rilakkuma Shop. 

We are open 24/7! (that's because we are online.. )

2) We are crazy Rilakkuma Collectors as well
Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kirroitori, how could we possibly resist them? 

Below are some of our newer collections. (Our collection are not for sale! - but we do have some extra stocks for some of them)

*This Rilakkuma 7th Anniversary Kiiroitori is one of the cutest I've ever seen! 
Gosh! The rainbow lollipops have bells in them!

3) Our Rilakkuma are 100% authentic and imported from San-X
Support the originals! Get the real San-X Rilakkuma! They look really much cuter.
We know many Rilakkuma lovers have asked how to differentiate a real San-x Rilakkuma vs a imitation.

There are few factors that you can use to identify. (We promise we will blog about this in a later date. We need to spend some time to take photos of imitations discreetly in some retail shops. =p)

4) Our shop is always open for overseas customers
For Rilakkuma lovers in UK, Australia or other countries, Rilakkuma Shop is here for you. We have a online shop at Storenvy that allows you to pay via Paypal. Prices shown in the Shop is in USD.

For Singapore customers who are confused with the different pricing they saw; please refer to only the SGD price stated in the item description.

5) Follow our Store on Storenvy
We are currently stationing our items for purchase at Storenvy. If you are using Paypal for purchasing Rilakkuma from us, do register an account on Storenvy.

 It is part of the payment procedure and makes it easier for you to track our new arrivals.

6) XL Rilakkuma? Super huge size Rilakkuma? Yes! We do have!

It's 1.1m tall. If you want to see it in real life, we have a customer who bought it for her retail shop.

Style Gallery Tokyo

located at:
The Central

Singapore, Singapore, 059817

It's just beside the glass lift. If you see Subway, you will see the transparent glass lift, and it is just right beside it!

If you are interested in owning a XL Rilakkuma plush, check out the pricing at our shop. Email us your order via < >

XL Korilakkuma? coming soon at end of July 2010. We do not keep many of them.

7) We are serious and committed to our Shop!
We hope to build a long and fun relationship with our Rilakkuma lovers. For customers who have bought from us, if you like us and the quality of the product, please give us a testimonial at this page: I <3 Rilakkuma review tab

Your word means a lot to us, and we greatly appreciate your time and effort to drop us your testimonial. Thank you! It gives us strength to bring more Rilakkuma delights!

8) Our Facebook page is not for other promotions
We dislike people posting links to other websites without our permission or spamming chain messages. We reserve the rights to delete any of those comments.

This is extremely important as such links might contain virus or other ad ware that could harm our Facebook Fans who accidentally clicked on the links.

9) Other areas to find us?
Facebook account:
Storenvy account:

10) We bring Rilakkuma for outings!

This is what we enjoy doing, bringing our little Rilakkuma plush out with us and taking photos of them. We believe many other Rilakkuma lovers does it too. So.. if you are one of them, do remember to share your photos with us on Facebook! We love them!

Lotsa love,
Rilakkuma Shop

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