Friday, July 16, 2010

Rilakkuma Shop brings you Rilakkuma 7th Anniversary Collection

To celebrate our Rilakkuma Shop for reaching 2800 fans! We decided to open this Rilakkuma 7th Anniversary Collection earlier! 

Preorder this Plush now! (stocks will arrive in 1.5 weeks) (Sold Out!)
Note: Due to popular demand, we are taking in orders in the first payment first serve fashion, according to the time of payment transfer. No payment = no order. Please order and pay together and send us your orders to Usual terms and conditions apply. 

Rilakkuma 7th Anniversary Rainbow Suit 
(Open for 10 preorder slots only!)
Status update: 7 left 5 left 4 left  left!
Price:  SGD 32.80

Korilakkuma 7th Anniversary Rainbow Suit 
(Open for 10 preorder slots only!)
Status update: 7 left 4 left!
Price:  SGD 32.80

Current available latest instocks: 
(You can pay and order these items together with the pre-order plushies!)

Rilakkuma Iphone stickers (Brown Bear)
Price: $21.80

Korilakkuma Iphone stickers (White Bear)
Price: $21.80

Rilakkuma Iphone stickers (Pink Cupcakes)
Price: $21.80

Rilakkuma Iphone stickers (Pink Pancakes)
Price: $21.80

Rilakkuma 7th Anniversary Iphone stickers (Rainbow)
Price: $21.80

Rilakkuma 7th Anniversary Iphone cover (Rainbow)
Price: $36.80

Rilakkuma Iphone cover (Pink Cupcakes)
Price: $34.80

Rilakkuma 7th Anniversary Earphones
Price: $42.80
Length: 120cm

Korilakkuma 7th Anniversary Earphones
Price: $42.80
Length: 120cm

Preorder Terms and Condition:

Please join only if you are comfortable:

1. Send your enquiries/orders to Please follow the order format given.

2. Please pay the exact 50% downpayment, and send us the order and payment details in ONE email.

3. Payments are to be done via ATM transfers, ibanking or PayPal only. (For international or buyers using Paypal, please email us for our Paypal account.)

4. A receipt will be sent to your email once payment is verified.

5. Shipping fees will be advised when the items have arrived in Singapore.

6. All items will be mailed within 3-5 working days. (For Singapore Customers who choose meet up, a mass meet up will be held, details to be confirmed on a later date.)

7. There will be no refunds or exchange of delivered items. All items will be checked before mailing.

8. Rilakkuma Shop will not be responsible for any lost mails as we are using registered mailing only. (No Normal Postage)

9.Refunds for out of stock items will be made after all items arrive.

10. We reserve the right to accept/reject orders and close the spree if response is poor or in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

11. Estimated cost of local (Singapore) registered postage:

  • Accessories (Keychain, Handphone Charms etc.) - SGD 3.00
  • Accessories (Calculator, Towel, Bag etc) - SGD 4.00
  • Small Plush - SGD 3.50
  • Medium Size Plush - SGD 5.50
  • Large or XL Plush - (advise for meet ups)
  • (To save on postage fees, join us on our mass meet up)

12. Please follow my order format strictly and double-check before posting. We will be ordering based on the information provided.

13. Order Format:

Email address:
Account type and no.: (For refunding purposes, if needed)

Item #1
Item name: Rilakkuma Preorder Plush
Item code: RK-50101
Price in SGD:

Item #2
Item name:
Item code:
Price in SGD:
Total in SGD:
50% Downpayment: [SGD x 0.5 = amount payable.]

Kindly make payment via:

[details removed]

Paid via: ATM / IB To account: POSB/UOB 

Date & Time of transfer: 

Reference No:

That's all! Hope you love it! =D


  1. Hi there! So sorry! I'm a little confused here! I'm interested in the Rilakkuma 7th Anniversary Earphones FR49401. Is this an instock? Or a pre-order?

  2. Hi iamrina,

    Sorry for the confusion. This post is an old entry. All the items here have been sold out.

    If you have any other enquiries, do email us at

    Thank you!

  3. erm, may i ask so do u still take in earphone to sell? ;/