Sunday, August 29, 2010

Biggest Ever Rilakkuma Plush

Rilakkuma comes to your house in human size! San-x is releasing limited edition 165cm tall Rilakkuma plush, the biggest stuffed toy than anything else! You will only be able to pre-order this Rilakkuma plush online in Japan. However, this plush looks really heavy, the shipping fee back to your country would probably cost a bomb. 

Dimension: 1650 x 1050 x 500mm
Material: Bois-made

What's the price? It's ¥64,500 (That is approximately about SGD 1,023.80!!) 

If you like big sized Rilakkuma plush, you might want to consider a smaller alternative.

Rilakkuma XL Plush 

1100 x 660 x 270mm
(That's about 1.1m - 55cm shorter than the Super XL size Rilakkuma Plush)

only for SGD 258.00
(That's a quarter of the thousand!!)

If you are interested, you may pre-order this item with Rilakkuma Shop, 
for more information email <>

*SGD 258.00 is not inclusive of delivery/shipping fee.


  1. Rilakkuma is so cute i love the huge rilakkuma plush! :D

  2. I would get the huge plush but its way too expensive but so cute!!