Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rilakkuma Camera (CASIO EXILIM) Limited Edition 2010

This item is SOLD OUT

Limited edition Rilakkuma camera, released in April 2010.

Camera model: 
Exilim EX-Z330

12.1 Mega-pixel
3x Optical Zoom
Face Detection
Eye-fi Connectivity
HD Recording
SDHC/SD Memory Card

Most Rilakkuma fans would have seen or hear about this, but goes crazy about it, because it's not available in Singapore? 

Due to it's limited production, getting this into Singapore would be expensive. Any interested Rilakkuma collector would like to have it?

Email <> for details.
Status: SOLD OUT


  1. Is this still available ?

    Mail me >

  2. no chance of getting another set? so sorry. i know its been quite some time from its release date. but would greatly appreciate it if you can help! :)

  3. hi there,

    is there any chance of getting another set to singapore?
    so sorry, i understand that it has been some time since its launched. but would greatly appreciate it if you cam help. :)


  4. Hihi,

    As you know it is limited edition.. and.. it was really difficult for us to get one into Singapore.

    We suspect it is no longer in production, looking for a new piece is unlikely possible.