Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Winning Entry for Oct 2010 Rilakkuma Shop Halloween Contest!

We believe some of you would have view all the entries for Rilakkuma Halloween Contest!
If you did, you would probably agree with us, there are many great entries!

Firstly, thank you all the participants again for the effort and time that you have put in!
We are really amused and highly entertained looking at all the cute entries!

We were going like.. 
"awwww.. so cute...!" 
"omg~! omg~!"

It was really difficult for us to make a choice. =p

We know we still have to make the tough decision.

and here it goes..

Congratulations to 
Captain Rila Sparrow!
by Lorraine Kerr

We love it from Captain Rila's Head to Toe.. even for the background! 

More photos from Lorraine!

We will contact the winner via email shortly!

Hope that you like our Halloween Contests 
and we hope that more people will take part in our future contests! =D

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