Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winner for Rilakkuma Shop Christmas Event 2010!

The Result for Rilakkuma Shop Christmas Event!~



(the lucky number are generated from a online random number generator)

So.. who's the lucky 13?! 

According to the entries, heres the list of participants in order of the submission sequence:
  1. Carolyn Lee
  2. Ng Xiu Juan
  3.  Charmaine Teo
  4. Kat Morgan
  5. Corrine Lau
  6.  Janice Chen
  7. Jade Hodge
  8. Kaman Lee
  9. Grace Nannapat
  10. Jenny Phung
  11. Sara Ameri
  12. Lynn Christabelle Tan
  13. Poppy Saxton [ WINNER! ] 
  14. Allaine Jollina
  15. Asuka Akutagawa
  16. Amelia Wawa
  17. Yvonne Chai
  18. Shu Yan
  19. Ariana Gamazo
  20. Tiffany Meldau
  21. Nina Baricante
  22. Amanda Tan
  23. Julia Synder
  24. Chan Fong Ying
  25. Sherlayne Loo
  26. Kam Wei Cheah
  27. Miyoko Yenny
  28. Wu Zhixuan

    Congratulations to
    Poppy Saxton!

    We will contact you shorter regarding delivery details!

    Thank you all participants for taking part our Christmas Event and supporting Rilakkuma Shop!
    We love you so much!

    Remember to use your unique 10% discount code before end of 2011! =D
    We hope you will continue to support us in the future events/contest!
    We promise we strive to deliver more and better prizes!

     We have also hit our 10,000 fans! Yay!


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