Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 Photo Contest FAQ


1. I want to join the contest! How?!
- grab your Rilakkuma toys for an outing
- take some pretty photos with them
- select only one
- email to us at <>
- include photo description
- give us your Facebook Profile URL for verification purposes
- remember it is an outing!

2. When is the submission deadline?
- Before end of 3rd Jan 2012 23:59 (Singapore Time)

3. Must it be Rilakkuma? Can it be Korilakkuma or Kiirotori?
- Yes! Korilakkuma and Kiirotori are acceptable too!

4. Can i be in the photo?
- Yes, you may. =)

5. What are the prizes?
- Popular Photo Award (1st): 1x HoneyBee Plush series (Rila + Kori + Kiiro)
- Popular Photo Award (2nd): 1 x (Rila/Kori) Metallic Earphones  + 2 x Glass Cups
- Popular Photo Award (3rd): 1 x (Rila/Kori) Hanger + 2 x Glass Cups 
- Rilakkuma Shop's Fav Photo: 1 x (Rila/Kori) Headphones
- Cutest Photo Award: 1 x (Rila/Kori) Scissors + 2 x Glass Cups
- Consolation Prizes: 1 x Handphone Charms

6. When is the voting session for Popular Photo Award?
- A 3 days voting session will take place a few days after submission deadline
- Actual day will be announced at a nearer date

7. Any other things that you should know?
- Winner will have to pay for the shipping fee of the prizes
- Only 1 entry per person
- No changing of entry once submitted

*If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us via email:

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