Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rilakkuma Shop Photo Contest 2011

Photo Contest Theme: 
An Outing with Rilakkuma 2011

Bring Rilakkuma for an outing; go salon for hairdressing.. 
or bring him to a movie, to the beach or library! 

The idea is to bring Rilakkuma out with you for a date and take pretty pictures!

We are looking for beautiful photos too! 

Spend sometime making it nice! =D
Don’t be shy to take photo with your Rilakkuma in the public!

 random examples: 
to.. movie!

to... mount fuji!

to.. library! 

 random Rilakkuma Shop Photo in the past:  

Submission Deadline:  
3rd Jan 2012
(Singapore Time) 

Submission Guidelines:

1) ONLY ONE photo entry per contestant. so.. pick your best!

2) Photo must be of at least 1280 x 960 pixels resolution. 

3) Provide us a short writeup or description of the Photo. 

4) We are looking for beautiful photos! Photo editing software are allowed! 

5) Photograph must be ORIGINAL and taken by the contestant. 

6) Email your photo entry to us via <> before the deadline.

7) Provide us your name, facebook profile url in the email for verification purposes.

8) This contest is open for everyone in the world! 

9) It can be either Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma or Kiiroitori. =)

Terms & Conditions: (Important)

1) Winners will have to pay for the shipping fee. 

2) Entries with missing information will not be approved. 

3) Once submitted, entry is final. Swapping or changing of submitted entry will not be allowed.

With the feedbacks from previous contests, 
we are offering MORE prizes this time round.
We have the following categories:

Rilakkuma Shop's Favorite

Cutest Photo Award

Popular Photo Award (1st)

Popular Photo Award (2nd)

Popular Photo Award (3rd)
Consolation prizes...

Category details are below....

Only one winner will get this prize! 
The photo that steal our hearts will be chosen by us!
1 x Headphone v2.0
(worth SGD 52.80)

The photo that makes us go “awwwwwww~” will win this award! 
Only one winner will be selected by us.  

2x Glass Cups + 1 x Scissor (Rila/Kori)
(worth SGD 32.60)

Become the MOST LIKED photo among rest of the contestant to win this award! 

1 x Rilakkuma Honey Bee Plush
1 x Korilakkuma Honey Bee Plush
1 x Kiiroitori Honey Bee Plush
(worth SGD 98.40)


2x Glass Cups + 1 x Metallic Earphones (Rila/Kori)
(worth SGD 60.60)


2x Glass Cups + 1 x Hanger (Rila/Kori)
(worth SGD 28.80)


We will pick 7 consolation prize winners for taking part in this contest!

1 x Mini Plush Charms
(worth SGD 11.80)

We hope to hear from you soon 
and remember to travel with Rilakkuma today! =D

Last but not least... I hope you will enjoy taking part in this! 
For fun, laughter and peace! 

Submission Deadline:  
3rd Jan 2012
(Singapore Time) 

*A 3 DAY voting session for Popular Photo Award
will take place a few days after Submission Deadline!

Final results for all awards will be release 
after the completion of the voting sessions!

email to 

The more people take part, 
the bigger we will hold it the following year!

Much Love!

Rilakkuma Shop


  1. Getting Rilakkuma ready for some great pictures!

  2. I am sooo excited for this contest^^! Great idea :3

  3. i love rilakkuma! and this contest is way too awesome :PPP

  4. Not long now! I've sent in my photo! Fingers crossed haha. Good luck everybody, and fantastic competition, Rilakkuma Shop! ♥