Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rilakkuma Dragon 2012 Limited Edition Plushies!

It's Dragon Year in 2012!
If you have followed the trend long enough.. you will know that every Lunar New Year, San-X will release a special limited edition series for Lunar New Year! 

These special edition are very popular and really difficult to get one especially if you are not living in Japan.
This year.. we only manage to acquire 5 x Rila and 5 x Kori Dragon Plushies. 

(2012 Rilakkuma Dragon Plush) - USD 70.00
Dimension: approx 23cm (height)

(2012 Korilakkuma Dragon Plush) - USD 70.00
Dimension: approx 20cm (height)

2010 was the Tiger Series
2011 the Rabbit Series...

Now.. 2012.. Dragon Series..
Definitely a MUST for Rilakkuma lovers and collectors!

This item will be available on our webstore at approx 10.30pm 11th Feb 2012
(GMT +8.00)

Do Note: We will not be accepting any email purchase request for this Series!

As there are only limited quantities.. This will be a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS..
All purchase must be done via our webstore...

You will need a paypal account or VISA /  Mastercard.
Price is in USD.

Get it before it's gone!

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