Wednesday, December 25, 2013

San-X Rilakkuma 2014 Horse Series

 Rilakkuma (non-detachable clothings)

 Korilakkuma (non-detachable clothings)

Kiiroitori (non-detachable clothings)

Yay!! San-X has released their 2014 Zodiac series plushies. Like the previous years, San-X has created another cute version of the zodiac series. The mane of these plushies are extremely soft and nice to touch. Also, the little pet horse that they are each carrying, makes the entire look extremely kawaii~ Although we are big fan of Rilakkuma-san himself but this year, Kiiroitori's beaks really makes us go "awwwwww~~~~~" 

As we are collectors ourselves, we brought in some of these cuties to share with all our lovely fellow Rilakkuma fans. 

Get the Rilakkuma Horse Plushie over here : Rilakkuma Shop

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