Friday, October 3, 2014

Rilakkuma Nabe Pot 2014

Another new limited edition plush set from San-X

credits: San-X

Rilakkuma Nabe Plushie Set

Dimensions: approx 130 x 230 x 190mm

They look so cute soaking in the pot together but it is so sad to "cook" them! The set consists of the usual nabe set ingredients; carrots, tofu, mushroom, prawns and veggies! 

credits: San-X

The whole gift set contains:
1. Rilakkuma carrying a stalk of leek plush
2. Korilakkuma in squid(?) suit
3. Kiiroitori with mushroom hat
4. Ebi prawn
5. Shitake mushroom
6. Tofu with Rilakkuma print
7. Rilakkuma head shaped carrot, flower shaped carrot
8. Shirataki noodles
9. Rilakkuma head shaped cabbage
10. Cabbage 

This has got to be the most elaborate plushie set from San-X till date! The various items in the set really make the whole image look so cute. This will make a nice surprise gift for your love ones or friends.

This plush set is set to be released in Nov 2014. We will try to bring in this item to spread more happy Rilakkuma love! 

Pre-orders are now open! 
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