Thursday, November 2, 2017

Rilakkuma Shop Pre-Orders Tracking Page

**Updated on 04 NOVEMBER 2017**


This list serves to update customers with regards to their orders. We hope this page will help to track your order statuses as the system's status might not be clear enough. Should you have any questions, do drop us an email at

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Blue colored boxes = NOVEMEMBER ARRIVAL

We will be refunding the orders with items release in the month APRIL/MAY 2017 by the end of NOVEMBER 2017. 

*Terms and conditions of Rilakkuma Shop pre-orders on*

  1. Items will reach Singapore within 2-6 months after their release month in Japan. For example, if the item is set to be released on March 2017, the item might reach us any time from April to September 2017.
  2. In the event when items are OUT OF STOCK and/or  if the items do not reach us within 6 months, we will be refunding you the full paid amount.
  3. Pre-order sales cannot be cancelled after each successful transaction. The item will be shipped to you immediately once it reaches Rilakkuma Shop. If you purchase any pre-order item together with existing stocks, the package will be delivered in a combined package. In another words, the items will be shipped out when all items are ready in the store. If you’d like to receive the existing items first, please make 2 separate orders. Should there be any excess shipping fee paid, we will be refunding the excess after mail.

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